Willie McNeil Quartet

Hey Wooley

Sono Lux

Groove & Soul  Orchestra

Big Willie's Burlesque

The New  Recessionaires

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Mambo Loco

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Willie McNeil’s Quartet mixes many styles of jazz and popular music.  They play straight-ahead jazz, standards, Latin jazz, Brazilian bossa novas and sambas and funky jazz.  They are very flexible and play many small group versions of songs that Willie's larger bands play.


Willie uses a lot of the same players in all of his groups and there is no exception with this band. Willie's long time friendship with Mike Boito and Derrick Davis make this quartet special (25 years) and new member (10 years) Mike Uhler is a perfect addition.


Willie has been working with Mike Boito since 1989.  They've toured together in Willie's groups The Solsonics and Jump With Joey.  Mike has recorded with Beck and The Brand New Heavies as well as toured with Beck.  Mike has a great concept of harmony and is an in demand session player in Los Angeles.  Willie and Mike really lock rhythmically.


Derrick Davis and Willie have been working together since 1991 when Derrick joined Willie's group The Solosonics.  Derrick and Willie have played and toured with Guru's Jazzmatazz project and with Cocktails With Joey.  Derrick has his distinct sound and has spent the last three years touring Europe frequently.


Mike Uhler is a great bass player and musical educator.  He has a BA and a MA in music from UCLA and teaches at the Silverlake Conservatory.  Willie feels fortunate to work with such a grooving bass player who is also a multi-instrumentalist and fine musician.


If you want some style flexibility, sense of humor and flair, this is the combo for you.  They're great for so many occasions and being a quartet reasonably priced.  To sum it up, Willie McNeil's Jazz Quartet is happenin'.